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"Choosing A Santa Suit "
- By John Bottomley, Original article for broad publication

So you want to be the Santa? The hard part is over, you have made the decision. Now it is time to walk the walk and pick out a Santa Suit. Let's take price away for just a second (don't worry, we'll add it back in later). If money were not a factor, what would be the santa suit for you based upon utility alone? The answer is based upon where it will be worn.

santa suit1) The mall Santa : You're doing a gig where actual children are involved. This may be in a mall, church or anywhere else the general public can acces, so like it or not, you have to be credible. If you show up in a Bad Santa outfit, you are going to be seen through by some very vocal children. And they will do it too. Go for the best grade Santa suit you can afford, and do not skimp.

Go the full monte, including a quality beard that looks like hair, gloves, glasses, Santa sack, boot tops, belt and hat. These accessories matter and add credibility. If you are not plump enough, get a tie-on tummy or the bed pillow you thought you could use will be twisted around to the side after three lap-sittings. You will have gone from a plump frontal stomach to a horrible side tumor.

Mall Santas often deck out their help too. Look for an online store (prices are better, ours is http://www.Santa.CC) that offers elfware and Mrs Santa outfits.

Mall Santas will need a backup suit. It is not mandatory, it is just a really really good idea. Sooner or later, some kid will draw on you with a sharpie, throw up on your jacket or worse. And yes, there is worse. The backup suit can be a cheapo to be worn just long enough to get to a cleaners and back.

2) The home Santa: This is dad giving the kids a thrill, the boss at the company Christmas party or a parade Santa. Look for a mid-level Santa suit (see, I told you we would add price back in), expect to pay around $200.

3) The Anarchist: This is the Santa behaving badly, and having grown-up fun away from the eyes of the little ones. Groups such as Santarchy have pub crawls for Santa clad revelers and there are similar events throughout the country. Wearing the cheapest suit you can get is a political statement, which is the whole idea. You are making a statement about the ongoing cheapening of the holiday itself as commercialism undermines spirituality towards fattening its bottom line. And stuff. This suit should be considered more-or-less disposable.

victorian santa suitCleaning: expect any suit you get to be made of artifical fabric and need dry cleaning. Washing a Santa suit at home may be possible, especially if you don't mind all your other close to being an odd off-pink. If you are a mall Santa or a home Santa, you will love how new and fresh they feel when right from the cleaners.

Good online stores will offer you some kind of gradation of overall quality such as "Good" and "Excellent" to help get a handle on value versus price. If you are doing an outside gig, get heavier fabric and wear long johns for warmth. If your gig is indoors and under hot photographic lights, don't cheap out on the suit, bring a fan. It is what experienced mall Santas do. Finally, allow enough time for the Santa suit to arrive in the mail. Mail slows down around the holidays due to higher volume and express shipping methods can get into the hundreds of dollars.

We hope you have a wonderful Santa season!


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