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"Christmas Fun For Couples" - CONTENT FOR GROWNUPS ONLY, By John Bottomley, Exclusive to Santa.CC

Christmas Fun For Couples There are as many inter-couple dynamics as there are couples, but each and every one of us seeks the same dynamic from our significant other, to find enjoyment and fun in how we relate to one another. The best way to reach this nearby shore is to use the power of the imagination in ourselves, to either change our internal script as it relates to ourselves, change the script in how we see our partner, or both. A powerful tool to do this is to change our external environment to set the stage for an internal paradigm shift.

Christmas time is probably the best of any of all possible worlds for having some couple-style fun, the same themed outfits that are worn for role play and imagination are the same ones that can be worn to the office Christmas party, a dinner party with friends or out to a restaurant for a holiday dinner. Then these same innocent family-friendly costumes can be worn for much naughtier things.

A Santa suit is the standard for him, but finding a Christmas outfit for her can be more of a challenge, try for a good selection to start. Having a story line in mind helps to make one more at ease with a premise. As an idea, perhaps Mrs. Claus can try to stop Christmas this year by using her feminine powers to keep Santa from his appointed rounds. Or perhaps she feels some jealousy at his giving a gift to a beautiful young woman who was on the naughty list and had no right to receive a gift this year. What will Santa have to say for himself, and what will he have to do to prove himself out of trouble?

Perhaps Mrs. Claus is so very worried about her husband's poor eating habits of all those cookie and milk plates, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight that she comes up with a great way to get some exercise.

Or perhaps she is overly stressed about his one night of actual work and his getting into a fender-bender (or worse) that she is overly glad to see him up on his return.

And who does not love a perky, happy little elf? These fun little creatures seem to be happy with just about any chore they are given and set about it with determination and enthusiasm. They are handy in the workshop and always see the work through to completion. The store also offers elfwear, see

For a darker twist on the holiday, remember that Santa has complete control over an entire workforce of compliant elves (okay, let's not go too far there), just let imagination run free and have fun.

Perhaps one of the elves is falling behind in their work and has to find another way to get back up in good graces. Elves would be highly celebratory if their work had exceeded all expectations and they had made enough toys for this year and part of the next. Or perhaps Santa is in a funk and that one special elf that has been with him from the start has to cheer him up.

Then the couple can wear these same outfits to have a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Being a Mr. Santa and Mrs. Santa is a great way to bond with your loved one, have some great fun and make some happy memories!

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