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"The Great Santa Suit Debate" - By Danielle Kaheaku (Exclusive to Santa.CC)

"Nuh uh! Santa's suit is the most magical."

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

santa suit velvet proJeff launched his gangly eight-year-old self at his older brother. They had this argument every year. Santa's suit versus, well, pretty much anyone else's. In past years, his brother had mentioned the Flash, the Green Lantern and who knew how many other super heroes to compare to Santa. But Jeff just couldn't understand it. No one had a suit like Santa's. Santa's suit was red and while the Flash's suit was as well that didn't make them anything alike.

"Batman's suit is better," Anthony taunted jumping out of his brother's way.

"No way. It's all black and rubbery, plus it has a dumb bat head."

Jeff huffed and puffed and stood glaring at his brother.

"Are you kidding? Batman has all sorts of fun gadgets and a utility belt!"

"So? Santa's suit keeps him warm when he travels all over the world, in one night! Nothing can beat that."

"No one can travel the world in one night and how could that furry coat possibly keep him warm in someplace like Alaska?"

"He lives in the North Pole, dummy," Jeff replied. "Of course Santa's suit can keep him warm in a cold place. And of course, Santa can travel the world in one night! He does it every year."

"Whatever. Fine, well if you don't think Batman's suit is better, Superman's definitely is."

Jeff balled his hands into fists. "Is not! What's he got a stupid cape?"

"A cape is better than all that fur on Santa's suit."

"Nuh uh. The fur helps keep him warm. What good is a cape?"

"It.well, it's just cool that's all," Anthony replied.

"Maybe, but its not very magical. Or even very helpful at all." Sean shrugged as if he could care less about a cape. "Besides, Superman wears his underwear on the outside of his outfit. Why would he do that?"

Anthony blushed as he realized that Jeff was kind of right. "Well. Ironman definitely has a better suit than Santa."

"His suit isn't magical at all, plus it's probably way too heavy. Santa's suit is magical and not too heavy."

"How's it magical?"

"Well, Santa comes in through chimneys. So his suit has to protect him from fire if someone has a fire burning."

"Ironman's suit protects him from fire. And bullets, rockets, and who knows what else," Anthony added.

"Why would Santa suit need to protect him from bullets? He's not fighting he's bringing presents to everyone around the world."

"Ugh. That is not the point. Ironman's suit is way cooler. Plus its red and gold!"

"So. Santa's suit is red, white, and black. Three colors are better than two," Jeff taunted in a sing song voice.

"Fine. Well what about Spiderman? He's got a suit that is red, blue, and black. It's got three colors, too."

"Yeah, but spiders are gross! Why would you want to wear one on your chest?"

"Spiders are cool."

"Nah. I'd still choose Santa's suit over Spiderman's or any of the others. Santa's suit is warm, fuzzy, has three colors, and a hat. None of the other suits have hats."

"Not true. Ironman has a helmet, Batman has a bat helmet thing, and Spiderman has a pull over mask which is way cooler than a hat."

"Helmets aren't really hats. Those are the kinds of things you wear when you're riding a bike not walking around during the day. And I still say Spiderman is just gross, because spiders are all creepy and disgusting."

"Man, you have no idea what you're talking about. Those guys have awesome suits. Santa's suit is so ordinary."

"Is not! Santa's suit is magical. None of the other guys have magical suits."

"They have cool suits with fun gadgets."

"So?" Jeff said shrugging.

"Anthony! Jeff!" their mother called.

She walked into the room to find the boys sitting across the room from each other their arms crossed over their chests.

"Boys. Time to go see Santa."

"Cool," Anthony replied getting to his feet.

"Yes!" Jeff said. "Isn't Santa's suit the best, Mom?"

"Santa's suit is rather wonderful, isn't it," she answered noncommittally. "And boys, don't forget Santa's watching. So you better not be fighting."

Their mother walked out of the room and Jeff and Anthony smiled at each other. It was the same debate every year and their mom showed up at the end of the debate and took them to see Santa and Santa's suit every year. This year was no different and next year would be no different either. But then again Santa's suit wouldn't be any different this year or next either.


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