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"Santa suits, sacks, beards, elfware... everything for Santa's helpers!"

Santa Suit Stories!

"Hip Hop Santa" - By Adelina

Christmas was getting closer and closer, so Santa’s helpers were working hard to pack all the gifts for the children.

The goblins were checking the list, and the elves had already prepared Santa’s suit.

But where is Santa? No one had seen him since yesterday.

One of the elves said that Santa wants something different for this Christmas, but what?

No one dared to enter in Santa’s room, because they didn’t want to disturb him, but they really needed to talk to him. After they talked and talked and talked, they decided: Rudolph will talk to Santa!

At first, Rudolph didn’t agree, but he understood that it was an important situation. He went and knocked on Santa’s door.

“Come in!” Rudolph entered into the room shyly.

“Santa…the elves are worried. You must try your suit.” mumbled Rudolph shyly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that old and dull suit. I have a great idea for this Christmas. Look at me!”

Rudolph raised his head, and he had the shock of his life! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Yo yo yo! Santa Clause is in the house!”

Rudolph almost burst into laugh. Santa was wearing some baggy clothes, and a huge sparkling necklace and other kitsch accessories. And not to mention his horrifying ring!

“Well, what do you think?” 

“I think… I think… wait a second, Donny must see this.”

After a few minutes, Rudolph found Donny and asked him to come quickly in Santa’s room. Donny was an elf, and he was also Santa’s clothes designer. When Donny saw Santa’s costume, he remained speechless.

“ What do you think Donny? Is this new look suitable for me? I think the children will love it” asked Santa.

“ Santa…don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think the children will ever recognized if you will be disguised like a bagger.” 

They all started to laugh, and Santa put his old suit on.                        

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