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"The Multicolored Santa Suit" - By Kirsten Kohlwey (Exclusive to Santa.CC)

"Mom, why does Santa always wear a red suit?" Anna asked one late November day while turning the pages of a Christmas catalog.

santa suit complete"That is a good question, dear," Mom said. "I really don't know. Maybe we could ask him, the next time we see him."

"Oh, please. Let's do that. Let's go see him right now!"

Mom laughed. "We don't have time for that right now. Let's get our chores done and maybe we can go visit him tomorrow."

Anna frowned. She didn't like waiting.

The next morning, Mom was ready for her.

"Santa will be at the mall at noon. If you still want to talk to him, we should plan to be there right when he gets there, so we don't have to stand in line a long time."

"I will be ready, Mom."

"Great. In that case, eat your breakfast and then clean up your room. It needs to be picked up before your grandmother gets here."

"Yes, Mom."

At quarter to noon, Anna and her Mom found themselves in a good sized line. Santa was popular this day. Anna admired his outfit.

"Look, Mom, Santa is wearing a gold belt! I haven't seen that before," Anna exclaimed.

"You are right. It looks good with his red suit, though."

Finally, it was Anna's turn to climb onto Santa's lap.

"You look beautiful today, little princess, " Santa said.

"I am not a princess," Anna said.

"All little girls are princesses," Santa said with a chuckle. "What can I do for you?"

"I would like to know why you always wear a red suit," Anna said.

"What? No request for toys? You just want to know why I wear my red suit?" Santa said in surprise.

Anna nodded.

"Aren't you a sweet little girl. I have worn my red suit for quite a while, haven't I?" Santa said. "I didn't always wear a red suit but I guess I have gotten into a rut. Everyone recognizes me when I wear my red suit. I have worn it for so long, I worry, children won't recognize me if I put on some of my other clothes."

"I would recognize you!" Anna said.

"Would you?"

Anna nodded. Her face had the look of a girl swearing a solemn oath.

"Are you sure you don't have a special request for Christmas?" Santa asked.

Anna thought about it. Her face brightened.

"I would like to see you wearing a multicolored suit," she said.

Santa laughed.

"That would be fun. I will see what I can do," Santa said as he gave Anna a hug and lifted her off his lap. He winked at Mom.

This visit didn't go the way Mom had hoped at all. Now what was she going to do? Anna would be so disappointed when Santa didn't show up in a multicolored Santa suit. Anna happily skipped to the car.

"Won't it be fun to see Santa in a multicolored Santa suit, Mom?" Anna said.

"Yes it will, dear, but you know he didn't promise, he would wear one. He just said he would see what he could do."

"He is Santa, Mom. He can make all those toys for children all over the world. Of course, he can find a multicolored Santa suit." Anna said with great confidence.

Mom frowned. She hoped Anna would forget by the time Christmas Eve arrived.

Finally, the big day arrived, Christmas Eve. The house was decorated. Anna and her mom had baked cookies and Anna could hardly wait for Christmas Day. Anna hadn't mentioned their visit to see Santa since that day.

"Mom, we need to put out cookies for Santa. I want to stay up and wait for him, so I can see his multicolored Santa suit," Anna said.

"Anna, you can't stay up all night."

"How am I going to see his Santa suit if I don't stay up?" Anna said.

Just as Mom was trying to come up with a response, the door opened and Anna's Dad entered.

"You will never guess what is on the front page of the evening newspaper," Dad said.

He took the newspaper out of his briefcase, and showed it to Anna and his wife.

"It's Santa!" Anna exclaimed. "Look, Mom, he is wearing a multicolored Santa suit!"

"He is?" Mom said. She looked at her husband. Her husband was grinning. Mom walked over to Anna and stared at the picture in disbelief. "Santa was sighted in Europe wearing a multicolored Santa suit?"

"That is what the article says," Dad said.

"Just look at the picture, Mom. Look! He is wearing the same golden belt." Anna said.

Mom hugged Anna. She looked at her husband and mouthed "How did you do that?" silently. He looked at her, shook his head and mouthed back "I didn't."


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