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"The Purple Santa Suit" - By Carolee Samuda (Exclusive to Santa.CC)

santa suitIt was close to Christmas and Christine had a deadline to meet. Her report must be finished and emailed to her boss. It was Christmas Eve and the computer was acting up. She was halfway through typing the report when a strange sound came from the computer. She ignored it and returned to her typing. Suddenly the monitor screen got so bright that Christine had to shield her eyes from the glare.

The strange sound she heard earlier came through the machine once more. When the sound stopped and the light dimmed Christine removed her hands from her face. For a moment she thought that she had fallen asleep, confused she looked around her to find that she was no longer at her desk but in a snowy forest. Well that's how she could describe it for there were hundreds of pine trees with ice crystals and snow flakes. The ground was covered with the white stuff and to make it more bizarre was her outfit!

Christine was clad in what appeared to be a Santa suit, belt and boots to match but there was something different. The suite was purple, not red!

"I know this is a dream. I'll wake up any minute now to finish my report," she told herself.

Deciding to find her way out of the forest, Christine started walking when she saw it. There is was as if beckoning to her. She grabbed the sack and opened it and as she did, a light emanated from it. As she looked inside the sack she could see all the names of the children whose presents were inside. She knew who were naughty and who were nice. Christine quickly closed the purple sack and shook her head.

"Have to get out of here!"

Subconsciously throwing the sack over her shoulder she continued walking. Then she heard a sound behind her. She stopped and the sound stopped. She started walking again and she heard the sound again. Christine panicked and started running. She ran right into a sleigh. She hopped right in and touched some buttons but nothing.

"How do you work this thing?"

The footsteps were getting closer as she could hear them approaching the sleigh then there was a screech and the sound stopped. Trembling, Christine looked up to see her stalker and a gasp escaped her lips to see a bunch of reindeer!

On her count there were nine and each of them walked to the head of the sleigh and their reins were automatically clicked in place. There was a vibration and the sleigh slowly ascended with the deers galloping in the air!

It was then that the mirror in the sleigh caught Christine's eye and a scream escaped her. The reindeer all stopped in mid air as the sound almost deafened them. Then to Christine's surprise the one in the lead turned around and asked, "What's wrong Miss Claus?"

Christine didn't faint, but she wanted to. It was her hair that mortified her. It was platinum blond and growing. Christine had dark brown should length hair that was mostly unruly. She hated it and wanted to die it black and here she sat in a sleigh with blond hair that glistened and sparkled and almost reached her waist!

Now things got weirder as her once brown eyes had turned blue and they too sparkled and twinkled. Something within her also sparkled and twinkled as she accepted her new look.

"On with it boys!" She said and at her command the rein deers were on their way.

Christine was Miss Santa and delivered all the presents too the little boys and girls. Her skin glowed with pink rosy cheeks. She ate cookies and drank milk the whole night long. When the sack was empty if filled up again until the last name of the invisible list disappeared.

At the end of it the sleigh returned to the forest where they were met by the real Santa. Well we wont tell you why Santa stopped in the forest...let's just say he had some bad milk!

He told her the suit changes to purple when a woman wears it. He then fished one last present from the sack and gave to Christine, then he sprinkled a little gold dust about and when she awoke she was back at her computer wearing a purple Santa hat.

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