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"Santa Apocalypse " - By ThatArticleGuy (Find him on

In the absolutely most snow covered region at the North Pole lived a man named Kris Kringle, but everyone who knew him reverently referred to him as Santa The Clause. Now Kris Kringle was a jolly old little robust man who had an entire workshop of elves at his disposal to make some of the best ray guns, atomic shrinkination machines and androids this side of the equator. Heck, even his sled was equipped with plasma toy launchers and robotic reindeer so as to allow him not to have to climb down all those dusty chimneys anymore or stop to feed his sleigh animals.

But I digress… One fateful Christmas night as Kris Kringle was out delivering toys to all the good boys and girls of the world he collided head on with another sleigh in mid-flight tossing out presents! He could not believe his eyes... HE was the ONLY Santa Clause and he defended that titled with a fury.

This man he collided with in mid-air was none other than Mr. Kringles arch enemy Jack Frosty 2.0. “The nerve of that android” he thought as he pulled his ray-plasma-degeneration rocket launcher and blew Jack Frosty 2.0 right out of the sky. You see, this was Santa Clauses rival because Jack Frosty did not care about Christmas and was out to ruin Santas career by leaving children coal even if they had been good and always left a note that read “Santa wuz here”.

As Kris Kringle watched Jack Frosty fall from the sky a loud voice could be heard from Santas mouth saying “HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS! JACK FROSTY WILL NOT NIP AT YOUR TOES TONIGHT CHILDREN! HO HO HO!” And with that Santa and his robotic sleigh pullers vanished quickly into the night.

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By Matthew Curoe A.K.A. THATARTICLEGUY on



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