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"Santa Reveals" - By Brooke Folk (Shared copyrights)

Here is a tale I must tell. Only Rudolph and I knew of this silliness for years but if anyone should inquire directly about how the author should have grabbed hold of it, just let it be said that there is magic in the air around Christmas and the author, a most inquisitive wordsmith asked a magic question and when a sincere question is asked, it must be answered. Ask and you shall receive says Santa.

A short story author, Alex was having a chat with Charlie and Lisbeth at a local eatery in Boston last December. They all shared their love of writing. Does writing have an impact on readers Alex asked?

Charlie writes for a small weekly newspaper and he said he hoped so, Lisbeth is a glossy wedding magazine article writer and she commented about one of her readers commenting on one of her articles about how little time men spend in the restroom.

The reader actually sent her the average time log of 28 men who entered a restroom facility at a quaint Italian restaurant in just one hour. Four minutes for men and ten minutes for ladies was the summary. Sure there are variables but it's a very believable summary for conversation purposes. Alex and Charlie both knew that they spend even less time than 4 minutes but they admit older gents take longer, just because.

That is when Alex put the question out there. "Speaking of old gents, I wonder how often, where and how ole Saint Nick gets his relief during his long night?" Lisbeth groaned but she couldn't get them off the subject until they exhausted their wit about the subject. She was annoyed with herself when she actually added a comment. "With all those cookies and milk breaks, something has to give sooner or later." That's all the guys needed, another fifteen minutes at least on that subject until they all had to get back to their writing deadlines.

Alex had that subject tossing around in his fictional mind for a few weeks. It may be that official Santa Suits have trap doors like vintage long underwear but does he take a change of Santa Suits with him just in case? Did his mother always remind him to wear clean Santa shorts because you never know when you may be in an accident?

Does he do it in the sky from the sled and revelers below beware or does he wait until the next stop and sits on a chimney, no of course not. Maybe behind a bush or even the modern facilities of a home he is visiting before he has his snack and twinkle's his nose and up the chimney he goes. Alex was covering all possible scenarios.

On Christmas Eve Alex was walking home from a neighbor's home not too far distant. A red glow was illuminating a squatting object behind a rhododendron shrub and a voice was sternly instructing to "turn if off Rudi". Scouting around the bush Alex came across a department store Santa and an actual Reindeer cardboard prop. Assuming what he stumbled upon he jokingly mentioned that he didn't blame Santa, the retail season was over and he was just unwinding.

As Alex continued to walk, just for the fun of it, he yelled back. "Hey Santa, when you got to go, where do you go on your busy night? A matter of fact answer was sent back over the chilled air waves. I have a magic suit Alex; even I don't know exactly how it works, ho ho ho.

He abruptly sat up in his bed; his head barely indented the pillow. "No way, not possible," Alex said out loud! It couldn't have been! It was a red glow, Rudy was told to turn it off and the old guy called him by his name. A magic suit! Of course, why didn't he think of it before?

- - -

Brooke Folke works from The Brooke Network

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