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"Santa's New Suit" - By Charles Bazan

On the night of Christmas Eve, outside the Clause residence, the snow had just finished falling. Swirls of flakes we're coming to rest on the large pine tree out front as the wind began to slow. Inside the glow from the fireplace was starting to fade as santa awoke, having dozed off in his rocking chair.

“Ah, Kerfluffel Stuffles! Fires almost out!”

Santa grabbed the poker and flipped over one of the remaining logs to reveal a cluster of bright orange embers still burning away. He placed a fresh log across it and watched happily as the flames began to rise again.

First he'd heard it. Then he ran his hand down his belly and felt it. As he had placed the poker against the brick fire place a button had popped free from his coat and landed in the fire. “Oh, Mutton Buttons!” Santa exclaimed, “This will not do.” He took a moment to inspect the rest of his suit. While helping the elves load bags of presents into the sleigh he must of torn a hole in his sleeve. While putting new horse shoes on the reindeer that morning he'd covered his red trousers in mud. Last but not least while taking his sleigh for a test ride earlier the bright white ball on the tip of his hat had torn off and was now lost somewhere in the clouds.

“Ribbon Shmibbons!” Santa gruffed. Santa's suit had seen better days. Mrs. Clause could hardly keep up with the repairs and now only a few hours before Santa was to leave to deliver presents his suit was too stained, torn, and buttonless to do the job.

“Whats the matter, Santa?” Mrs. Clause asked as she entered from the kitchen. Then she laid eyes on his tattered red suit. “You are too rough on that old thing my dear. How come you don't just ask the elves to sew you a new one?”

“Momma, the elves are far too busy building toys for the children. They couldn't possibly find the time to sew me a new suit. One of the children would have to miss out on a gift and I won't have that.” Santa replied.

Later that night as a blanket of golden stars covered the North Pole, Santa climbed in to his sleigh, torn suit and all. While Mrs. Clause and the elves waved and wished him luck he took off in to the night.

Santa stopped at one house after the other, cheery as always, dropping off presents and treating himself to the milk and cookies left out for him. Eventually he came to the home of a ten year old boy named Benny Gibbs. He unloaded the gifts as usual and filled the stockings with sweets. When he finished he looked around for his milk and cookies but instead he found a bright red package resting on the kitchen table. Hanging from the package was a tag that read “SANTA” in bright red crayon.

Santa unwrapped the present quietly. Inside was a letter that read:

Dear Santa,

Earlier this morning when I was playing in my backyard a small white ball fell from the sky and landed in the snow. It looked just like the ball you have on the tip of your hat. This got me worried. You see last christmas my dad found a bit of red fabric caught on the christmas tree. It had to have come from your suit. I'm sure delivering presents all night is a lot of work and takes a lot out of your suit. So please except this gift. It's not milk and cookies but I think you'll like it. Thanks for the presents!

Benny Gibbs.

Santa pulled a new red coat and hat from the box and put them on. The coat fit perfectly. No tears, no missing buttons, and the hat had the bright white ball on it right where it belonged. “Oh, Truffle Shuffles! This is wonderful!”

Santa climbed back in to his sleigh feeling a little warmer that night. He grabbed a hold of the reins and the sleigh took off towards the next house. Santa was so happy he called out an extra cheery, “Merry Christmas!”

- - -

By Charles Bazan

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