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"Surfer Santa" - By Jacqueline Rosser (Exclusive to Santa.CC)

Imagine the perfect day at the beach. The sun is shining and the waves are crashing in the distance. There are many surfers in the water. Most surfers are wearing the traditional black wet suit. But, then in the distance you see a man in a red suit riding the waves. As he gets closer, you realize that isn't just any man. Red suit, white trim, fluffy beard and a pointy hat- that surfer is Santa.

santa suit sunnyThis little tale seems unlikely. After all, Santa belongs at the North Pole, not riding waves in the Bahamas. And while most years this never would happen, there once was a time that this was a very big problem. Sit back and I'll tell you the story of the time that Christmas almost washed up on the beach.

When the weather starts to cool down, things start to speed up at the North Pole. Christmas time is coming and toys need to made, wrapped and packed into the sleigh for Christmas Eve. Santa supervises everything. He makes sure that every toy is perfect, that every child is remembered and that the elves stay on task.

In fact, every year, the elves know it is time to get back to work when Santa returns from his summer vacation. Every year Santa takes a little break and travels to some far off destination during the summer when he isn't needed at the North Pole. He always comes back in October to get things ready for Christmas. This year however, Santa never came back.

Life seemed great at the North Pole. The elves were enjoying their long vacation and no one even realized that the holidays were fast approaching. It wasn't until the magical Christmas tree appeared in the square on December 1st that they realized just how behind everything was.

"December? How is it December already?" one elf said to another. "Santa's not back yet, it can't be Christmastime already."

The elves in their confusion even went to Santa's workshop. Santa wasn't there and his bright red Santa suit still hung on the hook where he had left it. Santa wasn't back yet and no one knew why.

None of the elves knew what to do. While elves are very good at building toys and making Christmas treats, they aren't very good at planning or making decisions. After all, that was Santa's job.

The elves held a meeting and it was decided that someone would go out and search for him. A little elf named Jimmy took one of the new reindeer and started to explore the world.

He first searched in Africa. He found many lions and elephants, but no Santa. Then he was off to New York City. He almost got lost amongst the skyscrapers and huge building. But, Santa wasn't there. Jimmy searched high and low in places all around the world. Finally, he headed to the Bahamas, one last stop before he went home.

Jimmy heard a rumor about an old, jolly surfer man that had been riding the waves at the beach. As he walked down the sand, he saw Santa riding a big wave on his surfboard.

"Santa! Santa! We have been looking all over for you," Jimmy hollered out. Santa paddled to shore and greeted Jimmy with a jolly grin.

"Dude! Did you see that wave I just rode? It was epic," Santa excitedly exclaimed. "Did you come down to join me? The waves here are awesome."

"Santa, Christmas is coming. It will be here in just 3 weeks. Come back to the North Pole. We are way behind schedule and we need your help."

Santa could not be persuaded. He had discovered surfing that summer and loved it. There was no way he was trading his wet suit in for a Santa suit.

Jimmy got back on his reindeer and started the journey back to the North Pole. Santa grabbed his board and ran back toward the waves. With waves like this, there was no way he was missing even one day of surfing.

When Jimmy got back to the North Pole, he shared his sad news. Santa wasn't coming back and there would be no Christmas that year. Then a little elf in the back spoke up. She mentioned that Christmas was about giving and that if they worked hard, they could do it themselves.

Immediately the Christmas preparations began. Elves got to work making toys, designing wrapping paper and putting everything together. Lists were compiled and everyone had a job.

The elves kept working and Santa kept surfing.

As the weeks before Christmas turned into days, the elves worked long shifts and late into the night to get everything done. Finally, early in the morning on Christmas Eve the last toy was wrapped and placed in the waiting sleigh. A cheer rang out over the North Pole. The elves had done it! They were so happy.

Then they realized their predicament. No one knew how to drive a sleigh and without Santa's Christmas magic, the toys would take weeks to deliver. They needed Santa back. The elves couldn't do Christmas alone.

Jimmy grabbed Santa's suit and ran to the stables. He borrowed a reindeer and started the journey back to the Bahamas.

When Jimmy arrived the ocean was empty. There were no surfers in sight. All he saw was one solitary surfer in a red wetsuit sitting on the beach crying.

"Santa, what's wrong?" Jimmy asked.

"All the other surfers are home with their families. It is Christmas Eve and they are waiting for Santa. Only there won't be Christmas this year. It is too late, we will never get the toys made and ready in time. I waited too long and tomorrow there will sad children all across the world."

Jimmy smiled and said, "Oh Santa, don't you worry. Christmas is ready. The toys are wrapped and packed. We just need you to drive the sleigh. Come back to the North Pole with me. If we hurry we will still make it. Get out of that ridiculous wet suit and put on your Santa suit."

They made it back to the North Pole in time and Santa got all of the gifts delivered. It was that day that Santa realized the importance of good friends. His little elves were there for him, even when he didn't deserve it. He hung up his wet suit and decided that from that day on, the only suit for Santa was a jolly, red Santa suit.

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