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"The Worst Santa Story... EVER " - By EpicWriter1 (

Note : This story was originally titled "The Christmas Help". I commissioned it on the cheap from a gentleman in Pakistan or India or some other distant land and despite direct instructions to not use an auto-spin program to assemble the story... that is exactly what he did. It is so gawdawful that the story is only posted for your savoring of how bad it is, gramatical errors, typos and all. Killer wolves in Ohio on Christmas. Enjoy!

The night has grown more frightening and the chaos of wolves is really adding to the confusion.It seems that the car has lost its way,so now its wandering here and there on the thin zigzag tracks,somewhere in the middle of the forests of Ohio.The possible emergence of the beasts is cripping the three souls in the car.

a road

“Your grandmother was really missing you. She will definitely get surprised when you appear before her,”says Emma to his son Alex.”Mom,when will we reach the grangmother’s house.This place is horrifying me,”Alex remarked innocently.

nonsense 1       nonsense 2

Heck, even his sled was equipped with plasma toy launchers and robotic reindeer so as to allow him not to have to climb down all those dusty chimneys anymore or stop to feed his sleigh animals.

Finally,The father decides to search for the hotel for the night stay.But there is nothing around except darkness and hysterical howling.The forage continues for about an hour until another tragedy takes place.

As ill-luck would have it,the engine of the car has broken-down.By now,nobody has thought about the icy cold winds outside the vehicle body.As the father steps out for examining the fault,he is hit by the chilled breeze.Realizing that the fault needs expertise,he is now in a stupor state.

Returning hopelessly into the car,he excites Emma and Alex with the precarious news.The father then decides to look for any repairer in the nearby place.However,Emma unanimously rejects the idea.

As Kris Kringle watched Jack Frosty fall from the sky a loud voice could be heard from Santas mouth saying

After some negotiations,they agree upon the idea of the father.

It is now been two hours that the father has not returned.Waiting anxiously,they witness a heart-sinking event.

There is something looming upon the car.Alex’s little soul shivers.Emma,realizing the gravity of situation, decides not to answer,thinking that it is a knock by the beast.

Open the door,just open it!”

Yes,That is the father.”Oh my God!what has just happened to you?”asked his wife impatiently.

“I was attacked by the wolves but thanks to that…”the father leaves the conversation incomplete.He seems to be disturbed or really not in a mood to answer.

“Thanks to whom…?”asks Emma.

The father (in a confused tone) replies,”I don’t know exactly who that was,but there was a pack of bright light and…”

nonsense 3

He adds,”I saw some shinny object coming towards me with nearly the speed of light when I was about to be crunched by the hungry wolves.An old man with luminous red and white dress,commanding the flight of reindeer,just reached at the eleventh hour and rescued me saying that ‘your family is waiting for you kid!’ ….”

“He was a long-beared old man.I could feel the strong energy emitting out of his body and….,”the father says,”and his red and white coloured suit was like the kings gowns…”

nonsense 5

Alex interferes,”Father,are you talking about Santa-Santa Claus?”

Emma and the father got astonished upon Alex’s point.

“How is this possible..?”murmures Emma.

Hearing this,the father says,”Yes,yes,yes! He was Santa-our Santa Claus.

nonsense 6

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