santa suits
"Santa suits, sacks, beards, elfware... everything for Santa's helpers!"

Santa Suit Stories!

"Would You Believe What Happens On Christmas Eve?" - By Eddie Graham

With a HE HE HE and a HO HO HO,
it's off to work the elves will go.
The year has gone and now it's Christmas Eve.
There's more work to do than you'd ever believe!

Santa has finished his list and he's checked it twice.
He's ready to deliver presents high valued in price!
In order to have any presents to give for Christmas Day,
the elves must deliver in a spectacular way.

So all of the dolls and all of the cars.
All of action figures and the football stars.
All of the games and all of the toys.
They all must be done to hand out Christmas joys!

Santa says, “Make sure that you get every detail.”
“Don't miss a spot! Do your best not to fail!”
“We must give good gifts to every boy and every girl.”
“If we do not, there will not be enough joy in this world!”

The elves remember the one year when there wasn't enough joy around.
Santa's sleigh could barely get off the ground.
Rudolph's nose didn't shine nearly as bright.
For Santa, that Christmas was a very long night.

So to make sure that never, ever happens again,
the elves work double hard to make gifts that dip and bend.
They'll make gifts that zip this way and that.
They might even make a few big baseball bats!

As the elves make the gifts, Santa works on the sleigh lifts.
He makes sure the reindeer are ready to be quite swift.
After all, there's a whole world to see in just one night.
Santa must plan the most perfect of perfect flights!

Then Santa gets the reindeer all lined up in rows.
That way they can catch the strong wind when it blows.
Then he takes one last look at the sleigh.
When it is right, Santa smiles, because into the night he'll soon be away

Santa will then look over the gifts one by one.
He wants to make sure they all will make for Christmas fun.
If Santa gives the ok, then the gifts go on the sleigh.
That way every gift is ready for delivery on Christmas Day!

When the last gift has finally been made...
When the last rays of sunlight begin to slowly fade...
That's when Santa will pull his belt up tight.
Then he and his reindeer will fly off into the night!

“Off Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Vixen!”
“Off Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen!”
“Rudolph! Let's fly strong and let's make good speed!”
“We have gifts to deliver to girls and boys in need!”

The last sound that Santa hears is the sound of a loud elf cheer.
There is going to be another great Christmas this year!
When you get your gift from Santa underneath the tree,
remember to thank the elves who made your gift a possibility!

Then go out and have some fun with family and friends.
That way you make memories that will never seem to end!
Once Christmas is over, it's ok – don't have any fear.
There will be another Christmas to celebrate next year!

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